People Making Good™ specializes exclusively in publicity and media relations, often called earned media or traditional pr. We work in all channels: online/electronic, social media, print, broadcast, and media events. What we do is simple to understand, but not simple to do. We generate positive, meaningful media coverage and publicity of our clients’ brands and products in the channels that reach their target customer and prospect segments. Our services include: public relations and social media strategy, social media marketing, publicity and media relations, crisis management, media training, public image management, and award research and submission. We’re savvy strategists and clever marketers. But that doesn’t distract us from our relentless, single-minded focus: generating publicity that matters, that advances our clients’ organizations forward towards their strategic goals. Put simply: new clients become long-term clients when they get lots of hits that matter. We know it, we live by it. Our secret recipe: Focus, sense of urgency, business sense, complete transparency, daily accountability for results. Combine with the most talented publicists in the business, funky creative juices, mountains of old fashioned hard work, and the support of the very best PR tools and office infrastructure, and the result is what makes People Making Good PR live up to our name.

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