Pomegranates and PR

Posted January 2, 2013 by

Have you ever opened a pomegranate? All of those beautiful, jeweled seeds, with great flavor just waiting for you. Until, that is, you realize that you have to work to free them. It's not hard if you know how - but for some, it may be more trouble than it's worth. pomegranate Somedays, working in public relations can be just like trying to get the juice from a pomegranate. You have [what you think is] a great story idea. There are dozens of media outlets who should want to cover your story. Yet, you are not getting a call back or email returned from any of the outlets that you or your client wants. Journalists will tell you that it is because the story is not timely, or newsworthy, or their audience won't care... or another reason. Your job is to get the story covered. Like the freeing of the pomegranate seeds, there needs to be a strategy and well executed tactics to make it all happen. Will all of your story ideas get play? No. But, if you have a strategy around your campaigns and pitches, you will be more likely to land that [pomegranate] juicy hit. Here are three tips to help you get going in the right direction with your pitch strategy:
  • Begin with the end in mind. Where do you want your story to be placed? Who do you want to see/read/hear about your news? Trim down the number of outlets and journalists you will pitch so that you reach people who can actually use your news (read: buy something from you, influence your customer, etc.).
  • Research. Who has written about this? What has been said already? Are you presenting a new viewpoint? New product? New anything? Is it being talked about on social media channels? What's being said? Also, have the people you are pitching covered this particular topic? What makes you think they would want to cover it? Do the leg work up front and answer all of this.
  • Be sure that the angle is relevant. What's in the news today? Yesterday? How is your pitch relevant for today, tomorrow, or next month? Think about what is important to your audience from a news point of view now, and see how you can dovetail your pitch with the news-cycle.